Sunday, August 28, 2011

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a Nuestra Niña!

Happpy 7th Birthday to our girl, Ella Kathryn! Ella turned 7 on August 26th...hard to believe it has been 7 years since we first met our little girl!

To celebrate "Nica-style", we went to the market and bought a nearly life-sized Cinderella piñata for Ella and her classmates to beat at her party. We jokingly asked Ella how she felt about beating up such a nice Cinderella piñata. She said with a will be like we are those mean girls on the movie that tear up her dress. LOL!

Ella and her compañeros (classmates) had a great time at her birthday party. Here in Nicaragua..."North American summer-time" birthdays get to celebrate at school since the school year runs February to November!

Here are some snapshots of the celebration.

Ella and her friend Mariana

Ella and her friend Paola

Ella and Cinderella

Ella BEATING Cinderella

The Fiesta!

The Princess Cupcake: We found some Pillsbury Cake Mix AND Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And...We're Back!....So Where to Start?

Wow, it has certainly been a while since I sat down at my computer to write a blogpost. Due to many "circumstances" that were beyond our control, not to mention, beyond our understanding...we were without internet in our home for about 2 months. We can't express how happy we are to be connected again to the world of social media...and iGoogle translate. What we've really missed though, is being able to share life with you!

So what's been going on the last 2 months?!

On June 28th we officially moved to our "own home".

The first two weeks of July, we were visited by my (Bethany's) parents. We kinda pretended to be tourists for a couple of weeks.

A Visit to the National Zoo

We had the great opportunity to host a vet-student..."Miss Jessie"...for a few days. The kids enjoyed having her stay with us...and we enjoyed sharing life with her for several days! She even got the chance to do surgery in our living room!

We are nearly finished with language school. 8 more classes left. While it doesn't feel like it most of the time (especially on days like this when 2 locals tell you that your Spanish isn't very good)...we have indeed made some progress in the large task of learning a second language.

We have added to our zoo. We now have, in addition to the cat we brought with us from the U.S.: 2 fish, 1 water snail, 1 baby turtle, 1 green iguana, and the lastest addition...A PUPPY! Luna, the puppy, is a 7 week old Rottweiller. We got her at 5 weeks old. She was so tiny. In the 2 weeks that we've had her, she has essentially doubled in size. For the first week, Ella carried her around like a baby. The kids are enjoying having a puppy. The cat has her doubts about this new addition.

Jeff was presented with a 'last minute' opportunity to teach a 9th grade boys Bible class at the local Christian (English speaking) school. He teaches 3 days a week. By the way, this means that I have to drive 3 days a week to pick up everyone from school. Who would have thought that Jeff would teach a high school Bible class and I'd drive stick-shift!

Jeff and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary in July!

I have been enjoying attending a Bible study led by one of the English teachers at the Spanish speaking school where our kids are enrolled. There are four 9th grade Nicaraguan girls that attend. It has been fun getting to know them and seeing life through their eyes. (I struggle through my Spanish in order to participate.)

We have really been enjoying our new neighborhood...especially the kids! They all have someone "their age" to play with here and lots of open space in which to play!

Okay, well that would be the straight-up low-down on the last 2 months. Of course there are lots of fun and thoughtful details we want to share with you...but we'll save that for other posts!