Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surgery Saturday brought to you by Abby

Today is Surgery Saturday.  As I sit here at the computer with a fan blowing on me, Jeff, along with 5 students are outside on the sun-beaten front porch 'doing surgery.'

We have a "new tool" that is being used today.  An IV Fluids Pole made of PVC pipe.  This helpful tool was made possible by the sweet donation of Ella's friend, Abby Copple.  Abby spent much of her spring and summer making beautiful bracelets and selling them to raise money for the purpose of donating that money to different ministries.  We stayed with Abby and her family while we were stateside this summer and she decided to make a donation to the cause of Surgery Saturday.  We do a lot of spays and neuters which helps control the animal population in the community.  More so however, it gives us the opportunity to develop relationships with students, like the ones who are here today.  They are learning skills that will allow them to be better veterinarians in the future.

We are thankful for the sweet generosity and thoughtfulness of Abby.

Here are a few snapshots for your viewing enjoyment!

The beautiful Abby Copple.

Just one example of the bracelets that Abby made.

Our "new" surgery suite at the new-to-us house! (Notice the IV pole)

Getting ready to cut!

The IV pole donated by Abby Copple.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

No Good Excuse

WOW! August 4th was the last post...what happened to the last month!  Well...let's see...

1. We re-moved into our house that we had only lived in for 2 weeks before traveling to the States.  (Still working on this--have a pile of things to hang up...but having concrete walls makes that process a little more difficult.)

Shelf made from wood found in our neighborhood.

2. Started Homeschooling again.

Noah with his home-made bird feeder.

Learning to Ride Bicycles (Notice Noah "recording the event!)
Noah learning to ride a bike!

Jeff and Noah pinning moths and butterflies.

Tree House Building 201 (the 101 class took place at the last house.)

3. Hosted Cami again for her "annual Nica Summer visit"!!

Cami with the GIGANTIC beetle that our neighbor found.

Cami and Ella making pitaya juice.

4. Hosted an awesome youth team from Ogletown Baptist Church!

Our team (blinded by the sun) at Laguna de Apoyo in Catarina, Nicaragua.

OBC-Youth Team 2013! (along with our kids, Jeff, our friend Hector and a little girl named Bianca from across the street from the newly blue church.)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Loud Shout-Out!

This blog is a very loud shout-out to all of our friends and family that fed and cared for us during our whirlwind visit to the U.S.   (This is also a chance to give kudos to our kids who did an awesome job on the crazy ride of "visiting America"...they rocked it!)

We had over 35 "scheduled visits" with friends/family.  The majority involved food...which explains the weight gain that Jeff and I experienced (well, the bags of peanut butter m-n-m's and boxes of Tastykakes contributed as well).  However, despite the 1300 miles of travel in the tri-state area, one cross-country flight, countless calories...we certainly enjoyed the fun, food and fellowship!

Enjoy some snapshots of the "people" we visited.

A little reunion of the girls of "West Campus" (IVCF)

A great visit with our friend (from our old neighborhood), "Noonan"

Picking up where they left off with the Foester kids

In OCNJ with Grandpop, Grandmom and Uncle Will

Fourth of July Breakfast with the Halls (Noah and 'Mae Mae')

Jeff and Marc

Bethany and Michelle

In Delaware with Pop-Pop and Nana

Visiting the Hill family (Ella and Shiloh 'swiping' on something "i".)

The Bracht and Copple cousins!

After swimming with the Freeman's

Old friends...Amy and Andy

GCA friends...the Brachts and the Jones' girls
Brenda and Bethany
The Bracht and Riley kids

The Bracht and Kinch kids