Sunday, August 25, 2013

No Good Excuse

WOW! August 4th was the last post...what happened to the last month!  Well...let's see...

1. We re-moved into our house that we had only lived in for 2 weeks before traveling to the States.  (Still working on this--have a pile of things to hang up...but having concrete walls makes that process a little more difficult.)

Shelf made from wood found in our neighborhood.

2. Started Homeschooling again.

Noah with his home-made bird feeder.

Learning to Ride Bicycles (Notice Noah "recording the event!)
Noah learning to ride a bike!

Jeff and Noah pinning moths and butterflies.

Tree House Building 201 (the 101 class took place at the last house.)

3. Hosted Cami again for her "annual Nica Summer visit"!!

Cami with the GIGANTIC beetle that our neighbor found.

Cami and Ella making pitaya juice.

4. Hosted an awesome youth team from Ogletown Baptist Church!

Our team (blinded by the sun) at Laguna de Apoyo in Catarina, Nicaragua.

OBC-Youth Team 2013! (along with our kids, Jeff, our friend Hector and a little girl named Bianca from across the street from the newly blue church.)