Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fat Mat Sat On A Cat

Little by little, Noah is learning his letters, numbers, and how to read.  Thanks to the guidance of a few stateside helpers regarding strategy....Noah and I have been steadily increasing his alphabet knowledge letter by letter.  So far he has mastered the following letters....

We are still missing a handful of letters...but we have enough letters to read some Bob Books (thanks Laura Edgar for lending us those books) and to sound out and write some words.  Noah particularly finds it fun and amusing to make up stories about "Fat Mat".   

I love watching Noah sound out a word.  The moment he puts all the sounds together and realizes that the sounds make a word he knows...his one eyebrow goes up and his eyes light up...and sometimes he leans over and gives me a hug!  It is simply delightful to watch!!! (Those are the moments of homeschooling that make it all worth it!)

Lately, Noah has had some serious motivation to count as he counts down on his paper chain for his upcoming 7th birthday!  I think he has finally mastered the number 7 thanks to the excitement over his birthday!

Perhaps one day, Noah will have his own blog...or whatever the equivalent is in the future...because this boy has a lot to say!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Dove by Noah

This post is the work of Noah. I was merely the secretary and publisher.

"We were cleaning the yard.  There was one piece of a egg and another piece of a egg.  Ella putted the little pieces of the egg on the bench.  Then we found the dove.  We were thinking it had one egg in the nest.  And, one day it hatched.  Then we saw the little baby dove.  And that's it."

(Below are two pictures...a photo and a drawing from Noah.)

The Mommy Dove and Baby Dove

Noah's Rendition of the Dove Story

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Randomness Heard or Spoken This Week

"No, I will NOT put Lexi's (the puppy) baby teeth in the container with your baby teeth."

(In the car)  "How did you get caramel all over your elbow!?!"

"Seriously?  You bit your own finger? (while snacking)

"So all you men out there that are married to a woman...." (said through a microphone at church)

"Can I have a little piece of my Easter candy really quick since it is past my bedtime?"