Monday, May 8, 2017

Like a Silly Song with Larry

Before I post another weighty blog to follow up with my previous blog about OCD, I thought I'd post a somewhat silly blog as an intermission of sorts. Remember Veggie Tales and Silly Songs with Larry? This is a like that.

I am an impulsive DIYer. There I said it. I cut or sand or demolish without a whole lot of thought as to what comes next. For any given picture hanging on the wall, there are several nail holes behind it. I think this causes Jeff some stress.

For example, here is where I took a belt-sander to our perfectly decent wood floors in the dining room.

Jeff's comment was, "Um, why did you do that?"  To which I answered, "Well, I wanted to see what the wood looked like underneath." Admittedly, I am not a fan of our wood floors and have far off dreams of replacing them or refinishing them some day. We joke that NOW, I've guaranteed this project be completed since we now have a sanded spot on the floor.

Shortly after moving in, I pulled the old, metal medicine cabinet out of the wall in the bathroom. I tried to 'finish' the project, but we don't have a table saw, which apparently is something I need to finish the project. So, it looks like this...still:

Pulling Andrew in on the next project, I convinced him to help me remove the mantel on the fireplace. My 'plan' is to use a huge spruce log that we got from Shelter Pines as a rough hewn mantel piece. It is newly cut and quite sappy. Who knew it took so long for a big ol' hunkin' log to dry. I did read that you should strip the log of its bark. Andrew got pulled into this too.

When Jeff saw what we did, he said, "Did you have a plan?"  Of course, my answer was 'no' but I did mention that thing I read about removing the bark.

Future mantel? Let's hope so. 
Hearth without mantel piece

Oh, speaking of the fireplace hearth. So, I decided it would look better white washed. That's right...the DIY project you can never really come back from.  I showed Jeff some photos. He hesitatingly agreed (probably with much fear). I looked up some tutorials....which is a good step for me! And I started. Coat 1. Hmmm. Not 'white' enough. Coat 2. I think one more would be good. Coat 3. Maybe coat 4 will be the magic number.

Jeff: That is NOT like the pictures you showed me.
Me: Yeah, I know! Hmmmm. It is a slippery slope, Jeff. {Bethany starts researching how to remove paint from brick.}

Well, you will be happy to know that I found a blog from Australia about removing paint from brick.  Apparently, vinegar removes paint. Two gallons of vinegar later, it is 'better' than it used to be.  I like it. Jeff is not convinced.

coat 1

coat 2, I think.

Coat 3 or maybe 4. 

After multiple rounds of vinegar.

Current condition. Except the very bottom section which is still
sporting coat 4. I think I will apoxy some pallet wood or something
on that surface.

By the way, I decided to take a hammer to some of the brick. You know, to make it look "old." Andrew said, "Mom! I REALLY don't think that is a good idea. Maybe you should wait until Papa gets home."  {I only hit a few places with the looks just fine.}

AND...we did find a new fireplace screen that fits into the archway. Here it is:

Granted, in this room with the fireplace, we also have a hole in the wall. This would be because I thought we could use the dead space under the stairs as storage. However, for a long time I couldn't decide what kind of door I wanted. I finally decided. That is in the works.

It looks better than this now. This was 'in process.'
By the way, that is Andrew stripping wall paper off the walls.
To defend myself, eventually, I get good results. I am a visionary and a demolition addict. I know enough about 'stuff' and tools to be dangerous but occasionally successful. I have a saint of a husband who is exceedingly patient and kind. He is quite handy with tools--thankfully.

Currently, I am working on restoring an old Amish farm table. So far so good.