Monday, July 23, 2012

Water Fight

Ya know? I've been suspicious for a while now...but I think it is confirmed...we lead pretty boring lives.   Perhaps, it's that we have found more of a groove here in Nicaragua--which is probably a good thing.  The 'everyday' is far less shocking than it was a year ago.  That makes blogging about our "adventure" rather challenging.

However, being more established (that sounds better than 'boring') has resulted in hosting more "visitors" from the States.  In fact, right now, we have a teenage visitor from our church in Delaware.  She is a great guest...very easy...AND, she plays with the kids all day (well, when they are home from school).  The kids are enjoying having an "older sister"--especially Ella. Last week, they all washed the car together...okay, well, Jeff washed the car and everyone else had a water fight.  Here are some snapshots of the fight.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Juni's Journey

"Juni B. Cortez Blue", as named and re-named by Noah, arrived hurt and broken at our gate the last weekend in April.  Remember, Noah had been praying for a parrot for over a year and this parrot was the answer to his prayer!  For the first month or two, Juni B. needed to be fed by syringe as his beak had been broken off and then removed by Jeff.  Scared and hurt, Juni would just sit in the cage and stare.  He would squawk very loudly when we would try to handle him at all.  However, little by little, he grew to trust us.  We learned that Juni loves to play with lego-guys and gameboard pieces, as well as, crayons. Juni loves to vocalize...although no "human words" have emerged yet.  He might be close to saying "hola". A month ago, Juni earned the right to "be free" around the living room.  We have to make sure that the cat is no-where close-by.  Last week, Juni experienced "real parrot life" and got to sit in the hibiscus bush near our front porch.  Juni is very interactive and enjoys being in the thick of things especially when the kids are playing.  Juni also started eating on his own a couple of months ago...he eats corn flour dough with bird seed mixed in to it.  He is not a neat eater...but he is an independent eater!  Enjoy the photo path of Juni's Journey!

Juni's Initial Feedings
Juni, The Beakless Parrot

Noah and his much prayed for parrot.

It was Juni, with Mrs. White, in the Ballroom with the Candlestick.
Juni VS. Anikin Skywalker
Juni, hanging out with Noah when Noah was home sick from school.

He blends in nicely in the hibiscus bush.

Enjoying the fresh air outside!
Juni finds a "toy" everywhere he goes.

When we call Juni, he squawks and looks for whomever has called him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Being Tourists

We recently had some good friends come visit us here.  One of the benefits of having friends come visit is that we get to play tour guides...and explore new places!  We took advantage of our captive audience and visited a volcano that we had yet to explore...Mombacho Volcano.  Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is near the city of Granada which sits on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.  Mombacho Volcano is an active volcano but it hasn't erupted since about I suppose that makes it a low risk place to visit as far as volcanoes go. There are flora and fauna in the cloud forests of the volcano that are unique to this volcano.  The first place you come to as you drive up the one-car/one-direction road is a little coffee farm run by Cafe Las Flores...which is where you can get a complimentary cup of hot steaming coffee!  We drove further up the volcano and enjoyed a hike through the cloud forest...the temperature was refreshingly cool and the views from the look-outs were amazing! 

Enjoy the photo tour of Mombacho Volcano!

Andrew and Ella enjoying some free coffee!

Hiking off the trail.

A view of the isletas (little islands) formed when Volcan Mombacho erupted.

Bethany and The Boys

See the's a steaming volcanic vent.

A view of another active volcano...a more "active" active volcano.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You

I (Jeff) recently received a "veterinary care-package" from my friends and colleagues in the U.S.  I am now re-stocked with surgical gloves, suture and catheters so that I can continue with the veterinary side of things that we do here.  For my kids, it was more like a Christmas present.  Andrew and Noah hopped up on the dining room table and took a quick inventory of all the goods.  Andrew couldn't resist hamming it up for the camera and is threatening here to give Noah a hair cut with a pair of Mayo scissors.

Thanks so much Corey, Steph and all my friends at VCA Kirkwood and Newark animal hospitals!