Monday, July 16, 2012

Juni's Journey

"Juni B. Cortez Blue", as named and re-named by Noah, arrived hurt and broken at our gate the last weekend in April.  Remember, Noah had been praying for a parrot for over a year and this parrot was the answer to his prayer!  For the first month or two, Juni B. needed to be fed by syringe as his beak had been broken off and then removed by Jeff.  Scared and hurt, Juni would just sit in the cage and stare.  He would squawk very loudly when we would try to handle him at all.  However, little by little, he grew to trust us.  We learned that Juni loves to play with lego-guys and gameboard pieces, as well as, crayons. Juni loves to vocalize...although no "human words" have emerged yet.  He might be close to saying "hola". A month ago, Juni earned the right to "be free" around the living room.  We have to make sure that the cat is no-where close-by.  Last week, Juni experienced "real parrot life" and got to sit in the hibiscus bush near our front porch.  Juni is very interactive and enjoys being in the thick of things especially when the kids are playing.  Juni also started eating on his own a couple of months ago...he eats corn flour dough with bird seed mixed in to it.  He is not a neat eater...but he is an independent eater!  Enjoy the photo path of Juni's Journey!

Juni's Initial Feedings
Juni, The Beakless Parrot

Noah and his much prayed for parrot.

It was Juni, with Mrs. White, in the Ballroom with the Candlestick.
Juni VS. Anikin Skywalker
Juni, hanging out with Noah when Noah was home sick from school.

He blends in nicely in the hibiscus bush.

Enjoying the fresh air outside!
Juni finds a "toy" everywhere he goes.

When we call Juni, he squawks and looks for whomever has called him.