Sunday, June 16, 2013

Holey Shirts...and the Answer to the Riddle.

Well, if you didn't quite guess the riddle in the previous post...the answer is:

5 legs: we have five legs to our travel itinerary
Hasn't been done since 2009:  technically we haven't flown from Managua to the U.S. since we visited here in 2009
Lighter going out, heavier coming in: between shopping for items only found on U.S. soil and all the calories that we are likely to consume while eating pizza, hoagies, chinese food, Panera bagels and real icecream...we will certainly be toting more weight on the return flight than on the out-going flight!

One of the things we need to do while stateside is....SHOP!  There is a bizarre phenomenon here that happens to nearly everyone's shirts.  These little holes form around the bellybutton area of one's shirts.  Take a look at the proof.

So, as if the fading and pilling wasn't enough...we now have holes.  While there are "tiendas" in which to shop, the quality just isn't the same...and the whole shopping process here is tiring at best...well, for me at least.  So, near the top of the list of things to do after visiting friends and shopping.

We have been warned, however, that the first visit back to the US can be the most overwhelming when standing in an aisle of a million styles, flavors, and brands of products.  Here we come America!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Riddle to Solve

Here is a little riddle for you to solve:

This has 5 legs, this has not been done since 2009, and this is lighter on its way out and heavier on its way back.

When you have burned some brain cells working on the solution to this riddle, feel free to email us the answer.  Happy Riddle-Solving!!!