Monday, February 10, 2014

Bracht's Bed & Breakfast (and the other meals too!)

Well...let me see...where have we been?  We have been hosting visitors!

Near the end of January, our good friends Terry & Libby came to visit!  It was SO much fun to live a week of Nicaraguan life with them.  We did some sight-seeing, souvenir shopping and some 'regular ol' stuff'.  We talked and talked some more!  It was fun to see Nicaragua through their eyes.  It was a great week spent with good friends...fellowshipping with one another, encouraging each other, sharing life together.  The week went WAY too fast!!! (Not once did Libby have to deal with any large spiders...although I think a small one hitched a ride home in her suitcase).

Yes, of course we brought them to the was the middle of winter where they came from!

Forty-eight hours after Terry and Libby left, TEAM COBB (Paula, Maria and Goodwin) came from Ogletown Baptist Church to work alongside the preschool/kindergarten teachers at NCA Nejapa.  They jumped right into work and got to experience a whole different (and warmer) life for a week.  We had some great discussions and opportunities to learn together.  They did a great job and we enjoyed spending time with our "extended" family from OBC.  Despite the scary stories about cockroaches in the cots...Maria was able to enjoy an insect-free week at our house.  Goodwin and our kids had fun playing board games in the evening.  Paula was always eager to help and I didn't wash a single dish all week!  

We now find ourselves in the second week of February!  We re-started homeschooling this week...after a two week break (or rather two weeks of experiential learning and translating practice). And as my perpetual resolution goes...I'll try to blog more often.