Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rocks Cry Out

When we drive to our once-a-week homeschool enrichment classes day (we call it a co-op even though technically it's not), we get a beautiful view of Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is the 14,000 foot summit on the southern section of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. It can be seen easily from most places in Colorado Springs. When we were originally house-hunting, we were hoping to get a house that offered a glimpse of this mountain. We ended up picking a pine tree packed lot instead--although, if we walk around the neighborhood or to the park down the street, we can catch glimpses of the mountain range.

That mountain view still places us in a state of awe of God's Creation.  This morning, as we made the drive and ooh'd and ahh'd at Pike's Peak, on the radio there was a song playing with this lyric:

"Mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of Your Name"
(from Chris Tomlin's Shout To The Lord)

It made me think [which then becomes me talking aloud to whomever is this case, my kids]...

What would it look like to see Pikes Peak bow down? We all pondered this a moment. Then Noah said, "Well, Mom, you know that the Bible says, if no one praises God, the rocks with cry out!" (Luke 19:40)[Yes, I was amazed and humbled by the Word of God that Noah has (not so) hidden in his heart.]

 A view of Pikes Peak taken from the park near our house

A glimpse of  Pikes Peak taken on the road that
leads from the park to our home. Yes, that is Andrew on the right.

Indeed, the rocks will cry out and what a mighty cry the Rocky Mountains would make! However, let us live our lives praising the Lord in all we do!

Monday, April 4, 2016

A New Chapter: We Are 40-Something Year Old Interns!

It's been a while! Whew! Moving internationally, then domestically (many times), and attempting to 're-settle' is time-consuming (among other adjectives)! In the coming weeks, I will try to compile some of our re-entry experiences and thoughts and post them here. It is a faith-walk for sure!

We are starting a new chapter today. We will have our first meeting as official 'interns' of Shelter Pines this afternoon. To fill you in, let me share a portion of a letter that we sent out to our financial partners recently.

"You may have read in our last CVM newsletter about how we were in discussion with a Colorado Springs-based ministry regarding a nine-month internship. We are excited to share with you that we were officially offered this internship and we will start April 1st! We are truly in AWE of God’s provision and attention to the details of our hearts' desires! While we have had an increasing passion to walk alongside missionaries as they navigate the cross-cultural journey, we lacked the education and training needed. Now, we have an opportunity for hands-on training and mentorship from a wonderful couple who has over 15 years of experience! We are excited to come on-board with Shelter Ministries at Shelter Pines! (CVM is aware of, and in agreement with, this shift in ministry and direction.) 

The mission of Shelter Pines is in line with Psalm 18:19 which says, “He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.” Shelter Pines provides a short-term place of rest and refuge for people working cross-culturally who are either stateside on a homestay or transitioning back to the States. They offer the space and counsel (if desired) for cross-cultural workers to get the rest they need. We, personally, found this SO incredibly helpful this past summer. Shelter Pines is a SAFE place for families and individuals to REST and RESTORE from the stress and strain of living cross-culturally. 

We wondered how we would make time for this training and education if Jeff was working full-time as a veterinarian. Miraculously, Jeff was offered a great job in which they only wanted him to work part time (which comes with part-time pay). Taking a step of faith, Jeff accepted the part-time job and we are hoping to continue raising financial support to meet the costs associated with the internship. Shelter Pines is a faith-based funded ministry. 

... While member care can be hard to define, we want you to be educated partners! The Global Member Care Network defines member care as: 

“…the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work. Member Care addresses all aspects of well-being of missionaries and their dependents. It includes spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and economic matters. Member care addresses the needs of single people, couples, families and children. It seeks to empower missionaries to make healthy choices by offering ongoing training, resourcing and equipping in all these areas.”

We know first hand how crucial it is for cross-cultural workers to have a safe place to rest and restore while stateside. Shelter Pines exists for this purpose. Many of you have heard us express our deep desire to enter the world of missionary member care and we are amazed at how God provided this opportunity. We remain hopeful at what He has planned for us in the future as it relates to this area of service. "

We are quite excited to be given this opportunity to learn in a personal, relational and 'hands-on' way! This has been our passion for some time now and we are in awe of the ways God has orchestrated this opportunity! 

This is part of the Shelter Pines property. A beautiful and majestic place to rest.