Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Slacking Because Of....

LEXI.  Lexi, our new rottweiler puppy is my excuse for slacking on the blog.  Here are a few pictures...I'm sure you will understand after seeing this little face.

The first hour after going to get Lexi.  Smothered with love from our kids and  Andrew's best  buddy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cream...A Sour Experience

I've heard rumors.  Some rumors have even been confirmed.  However, until a few days ago, I personally had never seen 'cream' in the dairy section.  There is "crema acida" (sour cream) and other types of cheesy creams...but as for 'heavy cream' or 'whipping cream'...not so much.  So, when I saw this....

I was excited.  I even chilled the bowl and beaters, preparing to make whipped cream to go over an apple thing that I made.  I cut the bag open and my countenance dropped as I watched the "cream" glop out of the bag.  The glopping of the white substance was the first clue that something wasn't right.  Next, I did something that is quite uncharacteristic of me...I tasted it.  I know...but I had to confirm my suspicions.  Nope, definitely not the 'cream' that I was expecting.  I either misunderstood the packaging or the 'fresh cream' was no longer fresh.   Quite disappointing.

I am not much for venting my frustration through blogging. There is quite a long list of "products" that I miss (yes, I admit it)...but I had to share at least this one story with you.   Honestly, I miss the fresh blackberries and strawberries that I would have with the heavy cream even more!