Monday, June 6, 2016

Hangin' in the Airport Terminal

Re-Entry. It’s still happening. It takes a while. In fact, I realized today that I am stalled. I am stalled in settling down. The best way that I can describe it is that it is like living in an airport. You have your essentials packed in a carry-on and you are just waiting. Waiting for the next flight. Waiting for the next move. Except, you don’t have a ticket and you aren’t going anywhere else.  But you hang out anyway because it feels more natural to be ‘moving’ and ‘unsettled’.  Perhaps, it feels safer in a way. You can blame a lot on transition. You don’t have to ‘invest’ if you keep moving.

Maybe I feel stalled because we are still ‘in process’ of setting up house.  Although, we are hoping to get ‘real sofas’ this month. Maybe even ones that match! I still haven’t hung anything on the walls. Although, for the last three weeks we’ve been working intensely at the guest apartment at the ministry where we are interning. We’ve been creating a living space for those who are ‘re-entering’ whether for their stateside furlough or their transition back into American life. It has been a tremendous experience to be a part of that process. However, it has helped me see that I need to ‘create a living space’ for myself and my family. Hanging out in our theoretical airport isn’t going to fly. [Pun totally intended.]