Thursday, December 31, 2009

Like the Wisemen Minus the Camels

The wise men. The Magi. They took an amazing step of faith full of sacrifice and investment and set out on an adventure. They followed a star and prophesies of old...all to kneel before a toddler who was born to save the world. They came to bring gifts (and glory) to the King of Kings.
I am challenged and encouraged by the account of the wisemen. As I look forward to our future in Nicaragua, I recognize that, like the wisemen, moving to a new country requires faith, sacrifice and investment...and more faith. the wisemen, we desire to bring glory to God in our obedience and journey of faith...stepping out with the hope of what we'll find when we the wisemen. We will pack up and make a journey like the wisemen (minus the camels and caravan...unless you count the kids and our 10 suitcases), to go and serve the Lord in Nica, hopefully bringing him gifts of glory as we serve those He came to save.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Need A Lollypop To Go to Nicaragua

"The stockings were hung on the staircase with care"...okay, that's not quite how the story goes...and the stockings may be hung with care...but a little boy has been very CAREfully reaching his hand down into the stocking to see what is inside. Noah pulled a blowpop out of his stocking yesterday and asked if were going to fly to Nicaragua ["we go on an opane to gawa?"]. I stood there trying to make a connection...because somewhere in Noah's mind this makes perfect sense. Never underestimate a child's memory. When we flew to Nica last April, we gave the kids blowpops on the plane because they take a long time to consume and then you get the added benefit of chewing gum at the end...a great activity for a plane-ride! Noah was remembering this event and was expecting a plane ride. Not quite yet, little one, we have some planning and packing to do...although I admit...I do feel a bit impatient at times to get on that plane (with a blowpop) and fly to Nicaragua!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temporary Panic...Get used to it.

I unknowingly clicked the "espanol" icon on my Facebook sign-in page as I was talking to Jeff. When I turned back around to face the computer screen and log-in, it was ALL in SPANISH!!! I audibly gasped (Jeff laughed). Seriously, I need to learn Spanish...and learn not to panic over the sight of a "~" over the "n".

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wonderful Friends

This past friday night, our friends (Libby & Terry and Jenny & Tyler)blessed us in a wonderful way. Libby and Terry opened their beautiful home to host a Christmas House Show. What's a Christmas House Show you ask? A Christmas House Show is a cozy little concert that features the incredible music of Jenny & Tyler. These couples agreed to make it a "benefit" for our ministry in Nicaragua. We had a great turn out, raised a generous sum of money and had a wonderful time. We especially enjoyed the little private concert after everyone left!!! We love you all...MUCHOS GRACIAS!

Please check out Jenny & Tyler's music and merchandise at

Monday, December 7, 2009

Translation to Eat

I was driving down the interstate today, bringing the kids to school, when I saw a tractor trailer belonging to GOYA. GOYA, you know, the "hispanic food" company. We buy their black beans. Well, I noticed that I couldn't read a blessed thing on the "advertisement" that plastered the side of the truck. And this was not because I was driving at, it was because I can't understand Spanish. This struck a mild amount of fear in me...I thought to myself...I WILL need to learn to speak AND read Spanish if I am going to be able to shop effectively in the market. Hmmm...and I think grocery shopping now is challenging!