Thursday, December 31, 2009

Like the Wisemen Minus the Camels

The wise men. The Magi. They took an amazing step of faith full of sacrifice and investment and set out on an adventure. They followed a star and prophesies of old...all to kneel before a toddler who was born to save the world. They came to bring gifts (and glory) to the King of Kings.
I am challenged and encouraged by the account of the wisemen. As I look forward to our future in Nicaragua, I recognize that, like the wisemen, moving to a new country requires faith, sacrifice and investment...and more faith. the wisemen, we desire to bring glory to God in our obedience and journey of faith...stepping out with the hope of what we'll find when we the wisemen. We will pack up and make a journey like the wisemen (minus the camels and caravan...unless you count the kids and our 10 suitcases), to go and serve the Lord in Nica, hopefully bringing him gifts of glory as we serve those He came to save.