Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Need A Lollypop To Go to Nicaragua

"The stockings were hung on the staircase with care"...okay, that's not quite how the story goes...and the stockings may be hung with care...but a little boy has been very CAREfully reaching his hand down into the stocking to see what is inside. Noah pulled a blowpop out of his stocking yesterday and asked if were going to fly to Nicaragua ["we go on an opane to gawa?"]. I stood there trying to make a connection...because somewhere in Noah's mind this makes perfect sense. Never underestimate a child's memory. When we flew to Nica last April, we gave the kids blowpops on the plane because they take a long time to consume and then you get the added benefit of chewing gum at the end...a great activity for a plane-ride! Noah was remembering this event and was expecting a plane ride. Not quite yet, little one, we have some planning and packing to do...although I admit...I do feel a bit impatient at times to get on that plane (with a blowpop) and fly to Nicaragua!