Monday, July 23, 2012

Water Fight

Ya know? I've been suspicious for a while now...but I think it is confirmed...we lead pretty boring lives.   Perhaps, it's that we have found more of a groove here in Nicaragua--which is probably a good thing.  The 'everyday' is far less shocking than it was a year ago.  That makes blogging about our "adventure" rather challenging.

However, being more established (that sounds better than 'boring') has resulted in hosting more "visitors" from the States.  In fact, right now, we have a teenage visitor from our church in Delaware.  She is a great guest...very easy...AND, she plays with the kids all day (well, when they are home from school).  The kids are enjoying having an "older sister"--especially Ella. Last week, they all washed the car together...okay, well, Jeff washed the car and everyone else had a water fight.  Here are some snapshots of the fight.