Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning through Fear

A few days ago, I was at a park waiting for a family that scheduled a photoshoot (by the way they got their dates wrong and didn't show...but God had a lesson to learn that was more than just the lesson of patience and understanding). I was by myself, it was late in the afternoon, it isn't the safest park in the area...so I was trying to look purposeful and keep my distance from others. I saw three men walking toward me. I had my big camera hanging around my neck, my equipment backpack on my shoulder and my heavy tripod on the other shoulder...not easy things to run with if I had to (oh!...the things a paranoid, 5 foot woman thinks). I made eye contact with the men and smiled. One of the men stepped toward me and handed me a disposable camera. Hmmm. OK. They motioned for me to take a picture. I noticed their ethnicity (is that the correct PC term?). I asked, Espanol? They shook their heads 'yes' (okay, Si). I counted "en espanol" and snapped the photo. They motioned again, "uno mas?" I asked (ooo, I remembered some spanish, wooHOO!). They nodded yes. I finished snapping and winding the camera. They laughingly said, Muchos Gracias. I over pronounciated, "De Nada". They laughed (I'm sure they laughed more later at my horrendous Spanish). I smiled to myself.

It is moments like these that I realize that through fear and awkwardness...lessons can be learned. Today it was a language lesson: I will only learn the language if I am willing to fight the fear and try. I am sure that once in Nicaragua, I will experience many more moments like these. May I remember who my Protector is and trust that fear shouldn't stop me from taking an opportunity to learn.