Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Of Great Importance to the Goodwill

I spent some time in the storage room in our basement tonight going through our "stuff" to determine what is stored,sold, donated or goes with us to Nica. Sounds like fun, huh? Now I should say that I get perhaps an unhealthy thrill from throwing stuff away...but even with that obsession...WOW, we have a lot of STUFF. It is truly amazing how much we "collect" considering we aren't taking any of it with us when we leave this earth. Some of it has memories attached...which I am happy to keep and pass on to my kids (so it can sit in their basements one day)...but what do I need with a book on Soil Management and a Size 14 Black Wool Coat...not to mention the notes I took in college in Sociology. It is always interesting to look at the things we once thought so important...that now sit in the "bring to Goodwill" pile.