Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Laying the Cheetah Down

My mind has been stuck on Christmas ornaments this week. Let me explain. As I think about all things we either need to sell, store or bring in preparation for our move to Nica...I get stuck on Christmas ornaments. The kids have their own "collections" of ornaments, they get very excited (especially Andrew who has been through more Christmases than the younger two kids) to re-discover their ornaments at our annual tree-trimming! Andrew has a glass cheetah ornament that he just loves...and I keep pondering...should we bring it and risk it getting lost or broken in the move ...or do we store it--taking that tiny special aspect of tree-trimming away??? Stuck. I know that I need to walk up to the alter before the God of the Universe (who cares about me, my kids and the cheetah ornament) and lay it all down. I pray that God will provide me with the wisdom I need to decide if the cheetah is stored or travels with us to our new home.