Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Meaning of the Name

Naming our ministry was like naming one of our children...although we didn't have a "contest" on Facebook to name our kids like we did for our ministry. Here is why we picked SHEPHERD'S GATE for our ministry name...

Shepherd: a person who cares, a person who teaches, a pastor, a guide.
Gate: something that protects, creates a safe place, a way in or out.

We feel Shepherd’s Gate embodies our ministry vision in Nicaragua because it both indicates that we desire to teach, guide and care for the people of Nicaragua as well as create a safe place for learning and growing. We hope that Jeff’s opportunity to teach at the vet school at UCC will open a gate of learning AND motivation to reach people with the knowledge of how to care for animals as well as sharing the Good News that the Lord asks believers to share with all nations.