Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ninevah to Nicaragua

In reading through the book of Jonah this morning (to prepare for our Sunday School class), the last few verses really struck me. Ironically (or sadly), like Jonah, I sometimes need repeated lessons to have it sink in deep into my heart. Jonah, at the end of the story is complaining about how his shade plant, which God provided, withered and died. God asks Jonah, what is more important...the plant or the 120,000people living in spiritual darkness in Ninevah?

It makes me think AGAIN, what is more important, Bethany, the "stuff" that provides comfort (that, by the way, is stuff God provided)...or the 6 million people living in Nicaragua (whom have a warped sense of salvation due to traditional religions that do not present the Truth)?

God has provided many comforts, just as He provided Jonah the comfort of shade from the plant He made grow. While God cares for me and provides things I need and even want, He cares deeply for those who don't know Him and He desires to provide mercy and eternal comfort in Heaven with Him.