Monday, January 4, 2010

Becoming Amish

On New Year's Day, our family drove to Lancaster to visit some good friends (thanks Chris, Heather, Tim, Ben & Nate for a great visit!). We drove through Amish country and passed MANY horse and buggies on the way there and back. I personally am so intrigued by the Amish culture (fueled by the many Beverly Lewis books I've devoured). I just can't help but to allow my glance to linger longer than is polite. It struck me on the way home after seeing an Amish couple working outside on their land that our family will become the "Amish" of Nicaragua. We will at times be the "spectacle"...glances will become stares. My hope is that our family will at least provide an authentic image of God's love to the people whose glances linger on our fair skinned family!