Monday, January 18, 2010

Jesus, NOT Mr. Clean, is the Magic Eraser

We are on day one of "operation: finish all the house projects that are 88% complete." Yeah, not an efficient title...but true. And actually it seems from where I stand right now that we have not completed ANY house project we've ever started in this house in the nearly 7 years we've lived here. We are getting our house ready for the eventual sale in preparation for our departure to Nicaragua. One thing I've discovered, and it's startling, we live in grime. I know, I was shocked as well! I thought I was a clean person, a clean-freak even...but sitting on the kitchen floor yesterday disassembling the cabinet doors so we can change hardware and "touch up paint"....I realized just how filthy my house is...well, at least the kitchen. [Seriously, what is that sticky grey dusty stuff that is between the stove and the cabinet??]

It made me think that while I look "clean" to the people around me, God sees in my heart...He sees the sticky grey dusty stuff. I am SO INCREDIBLY thankful that He provided Jesus to clean that nastiness away.

And here's a shout out to those who helped us paint and "ready the house" today: Bruce, Alton, Paul and Mark & Michelle (for your painting supplies!).