Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We are in the stage of our journey to Nica where we are "raising support". It is a time of humility and blessing. We have the privilege (if we choose) to see the incredible Provision of the Sovereign God at work. There is an account in Scripture that really amazes me considering where we are in our journey. It is in the Book of Acts...the new Gentile church in Antioch takes up a generous collection to help the church of Jewish believers in Judea. This act of service, financial sacrifice, was all based on the "prediction" of one man who was listening to the Holy Spirit and heard from Him that a famine was coming that would affect the Jewish believers. What amazes me about this story is that the Gentile believers gave IN FAITH. The famine hadn't happened yet...but they gave generously in preparation for what was to come. I am humbled and blessed and even amazed as we receive monetary gifts in preparation for our ministry and life in Nicaragua. We aren't there...yet, people give sacrificially and generously IN FAITH that we will one day (hopefully soon) go to Nicaragua to love and serve the people there.