Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backseat Talkers

I was driving with the younger two kids today on the way to pick Andrew up from school but also to speak to the teachers at the kids' school about our plans for Nicaragua. Ella was asking me, what seemed to be one hundred questions about this "speaking engagement". Noah was chattering on and on too but I don't think he was necessarily talking to me...just talking and adding to the "noise" coming from the back seat. It hit me that I may indeed sound like the "backseat" to God. I ask Him what is probably one hundred questions on a daily basis about our journey to Nicaragua. I finally told Ella that she just needed to sit back and enjoy the ride and trust me that this meeting would be short and we would soon be playing on the playground as promised. I suppose I need to sit back and enjoy the ride as well and trust that while all my questions are not getting answered...there will be fun times ahead.