Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living a Missionary Lifestyle

This is taken from an organization called Project MedSend.
It is challenging. Definitely convicting. Obviously something to work on.

Here’s what we mean by “missionary lifestyle”:
1. Missionaries buy what they need, not what they “want.” They “want what they have.” Missionaries can’t afford everything they want, but they can afford what they need.
2. Missionaries “use things up, wear things out, make things do, or do without.”
3. Missionaries have a conserver mentality rather than a consumer mentality.
4. Missionaries don’t “shop.” They buy with a list of needs and don’t buy anything by impulse. Shopping leads to buying things you don’t really need.
5. Missionaries always maintain the spiritual discipline of giving to God, but not with borrowed money. Sometimes they can only give by self-denial.