Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on Houses

Lord willing, at the end of April, we will go to the settlement table and officially sell our house to another family. The kids have been asking questions about this. Will we come back to our house? What about our stuff? Do they have stuff? Where will we live? All good questions! I could probably add 20 more!

This house selling process has been a good reminder that this earth is not our eternal home. Our stuff is just stuff (most of which came from the Goodwill and will likely find its way back there soon). Of course, there are a lot of memories hidden in these walls. We came here when Andrew was just 18 months old. We brought two babies home to this house. We've experienced and lived and enjoyed life together in this house. But now, it is someone else's turn.

Over the next several months, we will be somewhat nomadic. Andrew asked what that meant and I told him that it means we go where the food is (LOL!)...he said "that's good, i like food!" But we will be nomadic for the Glory of is all part of the adventure!

So to answer the kids questions--no, once we officially sell the house, we can't come back. We will give, sell, take our possessions. Yes, they have stuff and it will go in this house. We will stay with awesome friends and then stay in NC and then...well, let's just take this moment by moment, shall we? -- it is WAY more exciting that way!