Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cheap Water

So, I called the water company to set up the cancellation of our service since we officially sell our house next week. Being the frugal (okay, stingy) person that I am, I wanted to be sure that we would only be billed for the water that we use. In other words, don't bill me for water the new people use on the "day of sale". The customer service lady actually laughed at me as she explained that a day's normal usage of water would amount to about 30 cents. Maybe it's just me, but I was actually very surprised. However, what amazes me, in light of our future move to Nica, is that 30 cents for a days worth of drinkable water is an incredibly good deal! We will have to carefully filter ALL of our water OR buy bottled water to drink, rinse our toothbrushes, soak our vegies and fruit, etc.

Yeah, it is all fun and games until someone gets super serious and sobering!