Saturday, May 22, 2010

On our way

This is a late night and tired post. Bethany will be better about details later.

We are in Virginia for the night and are planning on being at CIT in North Carolina tomorrow. God has been so good to us today! We had an amazing breakfast prepared by Michelle this morning. We then said goodbye to our generous hosts in Middletown, packed up our rental car (Bethany will explain later) and made a pit stop to say goodbye to our beloved neighbors, Diana and Rich (thanks for the cupcakes!). We had a smooth ride down to VA, and only had to answer "when will we get there?" 12 times, but who's counting?

As I was driving today, I found myself appreciating how God has provided for us by means of your friendship, partnership, and prayer. This is a team effort! We can not do it without you.

Everyone is asleep now, and I should head there as well.

Thankful to God for you,