Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cookies in Church

Our family had the pleasure of visiting a local church this morning, while we are here in North Carolina. The church had an element in the service that was new and different for our kids. Prior to the sermon, the children were invited to come and sit on the steps at the front of the sanctuary for "children's time". It was a special time to instruct the children in the presence of the whole fellowship. At first, our children were a little nervous to participate (well, except for know who :). At the end of the short instruction, a basket of goodies was passed around and the kids were encouraged to take one. All of them looked at us like "can we really??? cookies in church?" They each selected a bag of cookies with a big smile. All of their initial hesitation was quickly appeased. They liked this new tradition, and they are hoping that our pastor at home is reading this post and thinking about implementing new traditions, hopefully with cookies :)

Posted by Jeff