Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name that insect (or arachnid)

In order to lessen our children's fear and startle response (read: scream like a little girl), we are in the habit of encouraging our children to name the little critters they come across. This actually helped me just yesterday.

In the span of 3 minutes, I was greeted by "Harry" the spider sitting on my coffee mug. His name was fitting, because he was hairy with a body the size of a dime and legs that would span a 50 cent piece. Then "Cappy" the carpenter ant went scurrying across the floor, and as I looked up "Flo" the house fly landed on the edge of the sink. It was fortunate for me that I had the fly swatter in hand for all of my newly named friends. It felt like a video game, and I was waiting for whatever might come next. I had to wait until dinner when I met Steve the gnat (you would have to ask the kids why they chose "Steve"...I don't know). Sadly, Steve had already met his demise before meeting me, so our encounter was brief. He watched me eat my dinner from the sideline, and was polite enough to not interrupt during dinner (See picture below).

As I write this, "Fly" the fly (named by Noah) and "Mo" the Mosquito are still buzzing around our apartment...they seem part of the family once they are named; almost like pets. I must admit it is funny and a little odd to hear our kids yell out "what should we name it?" whenever they are startled by a creepy critter.