Thursday, June 17, 2010

SillyBanz in Any Culture

Let me (Bethany) first say that the whole concept of "naming that insect" is NOT mine. The theory and post is ALL Jeff! LOL!

Who is familiar with the latest childhood craze--SillyBanz? My kids have them, they like them...I have even found myself wearing them. This past Sunday, our family attended a Spanish speaking church service. Noah, our VERY social and friendly child, flashed his wonderful smile to the man (a dad of a young boy) sitting behind us. I heard the dad speaking to his son. The only word I understood was "sillybanz". The next thing I knew, Noah had a new SillyBand on his wrist--a gift from the little boy sitting behind us. After the service, as best I could, I thanked the little boy "en espanol". I find it interesting that kids can share commonality regardlss of language. Kids, especially kids like Noah, can open doors in a new and different culture without much anxiety. I hope I can approach culture like Noah--bold, smiling and expecting to make a new friend.