Thursday, June 3, 2010

There is a God, and he loves me!

The people that I worked with at the animal hospital got used to hearing me say “There is a God, and he loves me!” I would often say this when I would accomplish a particular procedure called a cystocentesis. It is a procedure that is like throwing darts (please don’t tell my patients that). It requires some skill to at least get the dart on the board consistently, but whenever you get a bull’s eye you sense a little providential intervention. I would say this to remember that God is the source of any accomplishment whether skill or providential intervention, or both.

I have been reminded of this saying of mine, as we have been learning here at “missions camp” that there is nothing I can do or not do to make God love me more or less. I often operate out of the mentality that I can do things (obedience) that will cause God to love me more, or make me more "right", or OK with him. I need to remind myself that: There is a God and he loves me...period, or maybe exclamation mark!

So, the next time you are doing a cystocentesis, or playing darts, you can be reminded that there is a God, and he loves you!