Saturday, September 25, 2010

Insect Invasion Risk?

Does this photograph (mugshot) look familiar to anyone? For some of you, you are thinking or even exclaiming, "Blasted Bug!" We refuse to "name" this bug (see a past post to understand this)...these stink bugs are taking over the Tri-State Area on the East Coast!
So, I started thinking, do these particular bugs exist in Nicaragua? What if one climbs in to our luggage (okay, maybe it would take two)...and they start multiplying in Nica. Are they capable of destroying crops, will we be held responsible? Will stink bugs take over the insect world in Nica like they have here in New Jersey and Delaware? Blasted bugs. I am resolving to inspect our footlockers meticulously as we pack for our upcoming move. NO stink bugs will travel with us. We will not be responsible for the introduction of stink bugs to Central America!!!