Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nicaragua 101

We've been here for 3 days. We have the privilege of staying at an amazing house (thanks T & S!) for the next several months. There is even warm water in the shower that doesn't involve electrocution. There is a wonderful yard with beautiful flora and fauna (lots of birds, bats and bugs). There are several fruit trees in the yard as well. We are just starting to absorb the details of life here in Nicaragua. Here are a few things we've learned so far...

~We've learned that the sun rises early and sets early.
~We've learned that you can find Doritos, Eggo Waffles and Ragu Spaghetti Sauce in Nicaragua (for a price!).
~We've learned that when you only understand one solitary word out of each sentence spoken to you that misunderstandings are going to occur.
~We've learned that Scooby Doo is just as funny to our children in Spanish as it is in English.
~We've learned that roosters crow well before several hours before dawn.
~We've learned that it is easier to open a coconut with a machette than with a hammer.