Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snapshots of Our First Week in Nicaragua

Our Arrival
This is all our "stuff". We were quite the sight outside the Managua Airport.

A View from the Yard

Tree Hugger
Andrew is working hard on learning to climb the palm and coconut trees.

Ella very much enjoys the pool that we are blessed to have for these 6 months of sub-letting. We've seen the kids improve their newly acquired swimming skills, even Noah, which is an answer to prayer! Ella's favorite part of the day is pool time!

Coconut Cutting
Andrew is loving that Mommy is busy doing laundry and doesn't know he has a machette.

"I do it too!"
Yes, that would be our four-year old with a machette. [The red thing around his neck is a Superman cape which he wears morning to night. This took some explaining to the Nicaraguans we interact with.]

A Boy and his Dogs
These are the dogs that belong to the family from whom we are sub-letting the house. Their names are Titan (on the left) and Mambo (on the right). Andrew's chore is to feed them. Ella said she likes them as long as there is a gate between her and the dogs. Noah keeps his distance...but does talk to them through the gate.

What a Sweet Face!
Even with big leafy ears, our girl is beautiful!

My, What Big Ears You Have!
Noah enjoyed playing with the Elephant Ear leaves.