Monday, November 1, 2010

Answered Prayer

Before we left for Nicaragua, I (Jeff) asked many of you to pray for the gate keeper of the house of where we are now staying. I asked you to pray that he would be willing to befriend me, and be willing to talk with me despite my little knowledge of Spanish and his lack of any English. Well, he has been this and so much more. Alvaro is a great teacher and takes a lot of pride in being my maestro (teacher). He spends 2-3 hours a day teaching me about the language and culture of Nicaragua. We have long discussions about the social, political, and economical situations in Nicaragua (keep in mind that I understand about 1-2 words per sentence). He is so very patient with me, and when I don't understand something, we will break into a game of charades; you would laugh until you cried if you could see some of them. I will continue to write more about the insights he is giving me. Thank you for praying Alvaro and our family.