Friday, November 5, 2010

Italian Food for our First Nica Outing!

We did it! We walked to the little Italian Cafe that is about 10 minutes by foot from our house. [It seems rather ironic that our first "eating out" experience here was at an Italian eatery!) We were quite the spectacle of "gringos" walking among the Nicaraguan school children who were walking home from school. You simply can't blend in when you have blond-headed children!

We enjoyed a wonderful and delicious lunch at Casa Mia. All the flatbread pepperoni pizza was quickly consumed! When the check came, we realized we didn't bring enough money to pay. A slight panic hit us. We only had enough "words" to order the pizza, five waters and ask for the check. So, the kids and I (Bethany) sipped our water slowly while Jeff ran back to the house to get the needed funds to pay for our lunch. I tried not to make eye-contact with the waiter. I kept thinking..."please don't ask me where my husband went...I don't know how to conjugate the verb 'go'...come to think of it...I don't even know the unconjugated form of the verb 'go'." Jeff made it back, slipped back into his seat (sweat dripping from his face) and we paid the bill.

All-in-all, it was a successful outing. We rejoice in the small steps forward!