Friday, November 19, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

We haven't admitted, up until now, that we have a maid. The polite term here is "empleada." I (bethany) feel a bit self-conscious admitting that we have a maid. In America, it seems more of a luxury to have someone come wash your dishes and clean the floors and bathrooms. However, here in Nicaragua, it is expected and acceptable for North Americans to have an 'empleadas'. Rita (our maid) is an employee of the family we are subletting from while they are out of the country. Rita, like our gate-keeper Alvaro, only speaks Spanish. While it may sound ridiculous, it was quite an adjustment having someone in our 'space' cleaning and tending to the things that we were used to doing (or putting off until the shower was too gross to stand in). Rita and I awkwardly danced around each other the first couple of weeks. Just this week, things started feeling more normal. Admittedly, I am enjoying the help! More so, I am enjoying the opportunity to practice my Spanish with Rita. We just had a very successful conversation about washing dishes and the age of her granddaugther. Rita is a very kind and gentle woman who loves the Lord and it is a blessing to have her share our space for a few hours a day.