Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

We visited the National Zoo of Nicaragua yesterday with some new friends. It is well worth the admission fee of 75 cents per person. The kids (and the grown-ups) had a great time. Many of the cages are simply chainlink, if you felt so inclined (and very brave), you could technically squish your hand through the fence to touch the animals. There were a few attempts...mostly on the part of the animals. Here are some snapshots of our adventure to the zoo!

The Ocelots

By the Way...NOT our kid's hand.

Ella was sure this was "Dexter" from Night at the Museum

Our Three Monkeys

Yeah, it was that close. (If you were foolish enough, you could stick your arm through the door of the enclosure and be inches away from touching his face...or feeling the clamp of his jaws.)

Good memories were made today.