Saturday, December 4, 2010

As Iron Sharpens Iron

A few weeks ago, our gate keeper (Alvaro) gave Andrew a lesson on how to sharpen a machette. It begins with using a wet stone.

And for the final step, he uses a metal file to give it a sharp edge.

As I (Jeff) watched this, I couldn't help but think of Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." The next time that Andrew and I were back in the house, I showed him that verse. He was eager to share the verse in Proverbs with Alvaro.

Prior to moving to Nicaragua, Andrew had heard that we would have a gate keeper. Andrew wanted to bring down a Bible for him. We had a Spanish/English Bible that we brought with us for this purpose. However, we encouraged Andrew to be patient for the right time to present this special gift to Alvaro. Thinking that this might be that time, I let Andrew give it to him. Alvaro was amazed that Andrew had thought of him even before ever meeting him. After reading this verse in Proverbs, Alvaro began to read one of Jesus' parables. We had a good discussion about its meaning.

Alvaro has continued to read more and more. He seems to really enjoy Proverbs because it often speaks about politics, justice, and poverty...things that he greatly enjoys talking about. Having this Bible to read has even helped him practically as he continues to learn to read and write more proficiently. As an added bonus, it has also helped me with my Spanish as we read it together.

I am thankful that Andrew had a desire to give this Bible to Alvaro. We had hoped that our kids would have opportunities to open doors for the Gospel, and it has been a joy to see that happen.