Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Critters

Everynight, a little gecko crawls down the screen door that is near the desk on which our computer sits. We call it the "window gecko."

The Window Gecko

We also have a stray kitten, whom the kids named "Coco", that hangs out on the property as well. Sometimes, Coco gets bold and meanders into the house (the guards dogs have yet to stop Coco).

"Coco" The Cat

Tonight, I (Bethany) went to the backdoor to lock up and I thought I saw another kitten on our patio. The "awwww, how cute" was just about to ooze out when I realized it was a opossum. Not so cute. They have long, thick, rat-like tails, did you know that? "Ewwww". We were also informed today that come spring-time, iguanas start showing up in the yard and on the terrace near where I hang laundry. Fabulous! We also have a colony of leaf-cutter ants that "cut" the leaves of the mango tree out back.

I wonder what we'll discover next!? (I think the kids are hoping a monkey will show up in the backyard!)