Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas to me.

I (Jeff) had the pleasure of being able to do surgery after a 7 month sabbatical. A new friend from our church wanted to have his dog spayed, and I jumped at the chance. "ooh - ooh, me - me, pick me". After a quick discussion about my credentials and a perusal of my license and diploma, we decided on a day and payment - lunch for the family :) The experience was a little different from what I have grown accustomed to in the U.S., but the differences were enjoyable. I loved the open air operating room and only a few leaves fell into the operating site. They were from a sterile tree so it was OK.

The operating table was portable and made out of stacked cinder blocks and a 1/8" piece of door skin. Notice below that my patient is smiling. She smiled throughout the whole surgery. You couldn't ask for a better patient.

My friend thought ahead, and invited a local pastor (who is also a veterinary technician) to join us. He is interested in learning to do more surgery himself, so I had the luxury of 2 assistants...

...and one great looking nurse! I kept asking for more suture even when I didn't need it. If I have the courage, I will ask her for her number next time.

I found another use for duct tape. There are many here in Nica. I find myself using it on just about everything.

All in all, we had a great day and we had the added bonus of being tipped with stalks of sugar cane, a bag of oranges, a bunch of bananas (not like a 'bunch" from the a bunch right off the tree with 40 bananas on it), and a bunch of plantains. Good times! Surgery has never been so much fun!