Thursday, January 6, 2011

Answer To The Riddle (see post 1/5)

Here is the puzzle: Up and left is always cold at first and then warms up (as expected). Up and right is sometimes cold and stays cold, and at other times is immediately warm and stays warm. Why the difference in the up and right, and is there anything that I can do to predict what I am going to get when I push up and right?
Here is my attempt at an answer:
I did not plumb the house, so I may be wrong (one friend suggested that it may be a faulty cartridge), but here is the best answer that I have come up with. A common yard decoration here in Nica is a reserve water tank for when the city water goes out.

So, when the city water is off and the reserve tank kicks-in the water is hot towards the end of the day from being warmed in the sun all day, but cools off during the night. So, I can expect hot water from the cold spigot later in the day, when the city water is off. If you got the riddle correct (Those of you who said that it was from the sun warming the pipes were close enough) go ahead and buy your ticket...we look forward to housing you. There is a hammock in the yard for you to sleep in, and rice and beans for every meal...oh, and don't forget the warm shower in the afternoon. That is free room and board Nica style :)

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