Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Accustomed

I (Jeff) had a couple of experiences this morning that made me think that maybe I am growing accustomed to life here. Don't get me wrong, there is still much to learn, but I felt a little progress today when...

...I took some friends to the airport and didn't want to be a stowaway in their luggage.

...On the drive there, a man sprinted towards me, from my left, through traffic. I didn't screech to a stop because I knew that he would teeter to a halt on the non-existent line in the middle of the road (think - like the game "Frogger"). As expected he went from 60 to 0 in 0.2 seconds, and I kindly put his shirt collar down with my side mirror. He had nice brown eyes, a neatly trimmed mustache, and a scar over his left eye. I think he had coffee with breakfast.

...I didn't look hard to see what was causing the thick plumes of smoke coming from the side of the road. It is a tropical country and there is a lot of foilage that needs to be burned...makes sense.

...I didn't try to pass the car in front of me that was coughing up thick black smoke. I knew that the chances were good that the thick smoke was obscurring another vehicle coughing up the was. No need to pass, just relax. Speaking of relaxing, I know that I will have made more progress when my knuckles are no longer white, and my back finally touches the seat rest (I use the car seat more like a stool and drive like a kid playing a video game, just barely sitting on the edge of the couch).

Wanna go for a ride?