Waffling on Cooking

If you haven't heard me say it before, I can't cook. My apologies for bringing shame to all the wonderful cooks in my extended family.

Okay, fine, there may be a few meals that I can cook...not because I am good at it...but because they are the kind of meals that are inherently very "forgiving." I really should start a sidebar on this blog of the foods that I have destroyed by cooking or caught on fire.

Tonight, for example, it was my intention to make waffles. (Waffles! How hard can it be...you just pour the batter into the waffle-iron and wait for the little light to go on, right?!) However, I am fairly certain that we will be finding burnt waffle dust in the kitchen for a few days. Seriously, only I can burn waffles to the point of incineration. Only, I didn't stop there. I thought that if I poured more batter into the waffle iron that waffle #2 would soak up all the burnt waffle dust from waffle #1 and provide a "clean slate" for waffle #3. No. This was the wrong assumption. I also discovered that waffle batter is not a substitute for pancake batter. So, for those less-ept in the kitchen than myself, don't try to cook waffles "pancake style" in a frying pan...it doesn't work.

So, "learn to cook" will stay at the top of my "TO LEARN" list...second only to: "learn a new language". In the meantime, cold cereal will remain a staple in our pantry.

Waffle #2 and The Waffle-Pancake Experiment

I had to take a photo and attempt to find the humor...and as I write this blogpost, I can hear Jeff scrubbing the waffle-iron.

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