Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ants--An Excuse for Shoe Shopping?

So not only have the ants attacked our pancake mix as you may have read in the last post...but there is a particular variety of ant that is mean to me. I (Bethany) have the uncanny ability of smashing their homes with my flip-flopped foot. Okay, fine, maybe they are not so much mean, as they are defensive. So, when I smash their home, they attack my feet. Unfortunately, I must be allergic to these ants because my stricken foot swells up (it swells more over time...and lasts a few days)!!! I am SO NOT LIKING these ants! Can I use this as an excuse to go shoe shopping...I think I need some closed toe/cover-the-foot shoes.

And what is has swelled more since I took this picture.
And if you can't tell, it is the right foot.