Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ants or Almonds?

Our kids enjoy the weekly tradition of having pancakes for dinner; it is a nice break from rice and beans. However, we found ants in the flour this evening . What to do? Well, we picked out the ants as best as we could, but because the ants were so small there was no way to be sure that we got them all out. In addition to this, Bethany added finely chopped almonds to the pancakes. It worked out great. Every time we would get a crucnhy bite of pancake, we would just think "huh, that was an almond". So, the next time you have an unknown quantity or type of insect in your food, just add nuts. Every crunch will be a good one.

These leaf cutter ants were not the ants in the food, but they are dramatic to look at.