Thursday, April 28, 2011

Piñata: A Party Must Have

Today was the much awaited day of Noah's birthday fiesta at school. Piñatas are a must have. And the bigger the better. We jumped into the culture with both feet on this one. Jeff and I went to one of the local markets (the kind that span a city block) and walked out with a dog the size of a pony. The act of beating the piñata is really quite dangerous. Giving a small child obsessed with candy a strong wooden stick surrounded by other children obsessed with candy is really just an 'trip to get stiches' waiting to happen. Thankfully, while there were a few near misses, no one got hurt...they only got candy. Enjoy the photos from the FIESTA!

Noah awoke this morning to find SuperDog waiting downstairs for him.

The Piñata: SuperDog

The traditional beating of the piñata.

It seems to be the custom to take a photo of all the kids with the piñata.

The Fuzzy Stick: The term Noah came up with for the piñata beating stick.

The rush for candy.

Cake time! "Store bought cakes are the norm." Noah is currently calling Superman his favorite character...and we did find a Superman cake already made! The kids sang Happy Birthday in English and then the Nicaraguan version of the birthday song...and then the cake feast began!