Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Window Wednesday: Hiking and Howlers

The kids have a week long vacation from school because this week is Semana Santa (Holy Week). We took the opportunity to do some hiking in the mountains. Here are some snapshots.

Bethany and Noah playing near a stream

This is me (Jeff) off the beaten path, trying to get some good pictures of the howler monkeys. This is probably where I picked up some irritating chiggers, but Bethany won't let me post pictures of my skin lesions...she says that it is gross, I think it is interesting...she won.

Ella truly meandering along the trail.

The boys.

While this tree had as many as 13 howler monkeys at once, there are 7 pictured here...2 fighting - playing in the middle, and one hiding in the leaves. It makes you want to sing "seven little monkeys swinging in a tree..." When these monkeys howled, it sounded pre-historic, like you might expect dinosaurs to sound. Their howl can be heard up to 3 miles away, and they are said to be the loudest land animals. We have our own little Noah who could give them a run for their money, and he literally tried :)

Notice this mama with a baby on her back.

Our little monkey on the ground.

Andrew standing in one of the many interesting trees.

We enjoyed the amazing biodiversity and the constant marveling at God's creative creation.